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Periferia is published by the Architectural Resources Network.
A non-profit virtual organization of architects and urban designers linked by the Internet.

On-line since November 15, 1995, the website is currently edited and maintained by Carlos Jorge and has received awards and recognition from the following organizations:

IV Bienal de Arquitectura del Caribe , Camguey, Cuba:Special Citation. The event is organized by UNAICC - Unión Nacional de Arquitectos e Ingenieros de la Construcción de Cuba, Grupo Nueva Arquitectura and the Colegio de Arquitectos de Madrid.

The Friends of Schinkel (Global Internet Society) :Founded on 6. April 1995 at the Society of Architectural Historians Meeting, Seattle, Washington, The Friends of Schinkel is an interactive resource for students, architects and historians of architecture. Membership and participation is welcome from anywhere in the world. The Society is dedicated to the highest standards of academic excellence and aesthetic elegance.

WAM - Web Architecture Magazine: WAM advisor and guest site, Felix Arranz, Josep Quetglas Editors

Simpliciter :Excellence Without Excess honor. Excellence Without Excess is dedicated to the recognition of Web authors who have succeeded in creating profound, informative, intelligent and entertaining pages without the use of extraneous graphic devices that reduce accessibility, usability, efficiency and depth of content. It exists to celebrate good taste and moderation, to reward those who rely on their own ingenuity -- not on a set of prepackaged attention-grabbing tools -- to create worthwhile programming for this new communication medium.

The Médaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence:


The Architectural Resources Network invites architects, urbanists and scholars to submit recent writings, design projects, or other works with bearing on issues of Caribbean architecture urban design and planning for publication in Periferia.

Submitals may be e.mailed in digital format to:

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